Saturday, 13 December 2014

Urban Cake Lady II

                 Fig 1 (above), Fig 2 (below) Urban Cake Lady, Melbourne 
                                   Fig 3 (below) Urban Cake Lady
Urban Cake Lady's work if not featuring wolves features other wild and endangered animals. My interpretation of the conflict of human and wild animal in Red Riding Hood is now a metaphor for lost and endangered wilderness and the loss of our own links to wild and natural places. Urban Cake Lady explains her use of animals as:
"I've always loved natural, flowing, whimsical kind of things, so I guess it’s a real part of who I am. To me, they evoke feelings of calmness, and a bit of nostalgia … and I  like to think that I can stick up a quiet little moment,  that'll maybe make someone zone out from whatever might be going on around them." Urban Cake Lady

Fig 1:
Fig 2:
Fig 3:

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