Thursday, 11 December 2014

Joanna Concejo II

   Fig 1: Red Riding Hood by Joanna Concejo

Joanna Concejo has produced this highly detailed pencil drawing for issue IV of Tiny Pencil themed around death and resurrection. Tiny Pencil is a magazine that celebrates the skill and talents of artists using graphite as their media in themed issues of the publication.

Rescued from the stomach of the wolf, Joanna Concejo has the arms and legs of the child helplessly reaching out from inside a dead wolf, but surrounded by beautiful wild plants.
This illustration holds at its core birth, death and resurrection. It is traumatic, about the extreme events of a life time, events whose dates go with your name in history. It is sad, it has the trauma of the child and her loss of innocence paired with the loss of the life of a wild animal in the silent beauty of the forest floor, the collision of two worlds.


Fig 1:

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