Friday, 12 December 2014

Urban Cake Lady I

                    Fig 1: Urban Cake Lady painting from exhibition at RTIST 2011
   Fig 2 and 3 (above and below) Graffiti from Melbourne by Urban Cake Lady
I have tried and failed to gain contact with Melbourne's adopted Kiwi, graffiti artist, Urban Cake Lady. But it is of course in the nature of graffiti artists, that they have to be elusive. Urban Cake Ladies most documented event, apart from her graffiti works, was a solo exhibition at Melbourne's RTIST in 2011.
"I actually work full time during the week, so I paint into the nights and weekends. I’m usually pretty wrecked at work, but I've pretty much got the painting routine down … take photos and sketch it up in a night, paint the stripes the next night, use the weekend to paint the rest and then start or finish a second painting – then paste!" Urban Cake Lady
Although 'Urban Cake Lady' makes no direct links in her interview with Invert to Red Riding Hood. The red hood of her principle character and her use of wolves in many of her works is a direct use of the iconography of this folk tale. The evolution of her images has been very interesting, I would have loved to be able to interview her myself.


Fig 1:
Fig 2:
Fig 3:

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