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Margaret Evans Price

                   Fig1: Margaret Evens Price, Little Red Riding Hood. 1921

Margaret Evans Price (1888-1973) was a Chicargo born American illustrator born to a wealthy family. Margaret showed early talent and had an illustrated story published in the Boston journal when she was only 12 years old. Margaret went on to study art in Massachusetts, Boston and Paris. Margaret married Irvine Price in 1909 and in 1930 the couple with Herman Fisher founded Fisher Price toys.

                                             Fig 2: Margaret Evans Price

Margaret illustrated many fairy tales during her long career. This Little Red Riding Hood of 1921 is very Art Nouveau in its style but like all of Margaret's illustrations has a wonderful clarity in its visualisation, her works are not cluttered with pattern or unnecessary content, they succinctly and very stylishly relay the essence of the story.


Fig 1: Bates, Katharine Lee, editor. Once Upon a Time: A Book of Old-Time Fairy Tales. Margaret Evans Price, illustrator. Chicago: Rand McNally & Company, 1921.
Fig 2: Margaret Evans Price.

Waldrep, M. C, editor. Women Illustrators of the Golden Age, Dover Publications, New York. 2010

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