Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Monday, 31 July 2023

Paths of hair and tears


With this piece of applique and sashiko I used the 'Little Red' figures as arrows to point along the paths. I chose the printed fabric on the paths as I thought it looked like hair.  The blue watery print as tears. The wolves eyes are mother of pearl one a beguiling flower, the other an evil slit.

So much of the little red fable is concerned with loss of innocence, the persistent threat of, and real, danger to young females, and coming of age. The paths that we take in life are so often arbitrary and yet when you are younger they have so much impact on shaping us and our direction in life. Hair and tears seemed to fit for this piece, I was abused on three separate occasions by three separate males as a child / teen the nonsensical injustice of this and the marks these events left are not a daily burden, but they are a presence, something that scarred. 

As an artist I use and often return to the little red imagery and story to explore injustice, sexuality and to make sense of events in my life, just now it feels like a hairy, scary path. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2023

Cotton Candy and Polka dots


This piece was unknown from the start, as I was playing with some gifted cotton. I am not a crocheter or a knitter so I decided to try to weave it into a wolf. It worked but then grew a strange life of its own as I had woven no body, but I kind of like the peculiar and uncomfortable nature of this.

Monday, 26 June 2023

It's getting darker . . . Blood Lines


These images evolve as I work, I start with a rough skeleton of fabrics and then flesh out the design as I go. This piece called Bloodlines started with circles of blood, I planned on crocheting them, but in the end wove circles and then added the drips, which evolved into red trees, and finally a path of blood in red sashiko.  I like the dark skinned Little Red, I just like the darkness of this piece in contrast to some of the lighter coloured and designed ones I have been working on.