Tuesday 10 March 2015

Jazmina Cininas I

                          Fig 1 (above):   Mica is half of everything, Jasmina Cininas 
                       Fig 2 (above): Waving to Meret I, Jasmina Cininas
                     Fig 3 (above): Waving to Meret II by Jasmina Cininas

Jazmina Cininas is an Melbourne based artist, printmaker and lecturer who paints werewolves, drawing on and celebrating her Lithuanian ancestry. Jazmina's werewolves have lots of Little Red Riding Hood characteristics, and indeed the story of Little Red Riding Hood has lots of werewolf characteristics too.
“The wolf’s history as a construct of the popular psyche more closely parallels the way women have been portrayed throughout the ages. Its classic identities as either the selfless nurturing mother (as in the Jungle Book and Romulus and Remus stories), the diabolical werewolf, and as the ravening man-eater respectively mirror the chaste wife, heretic witch and femme fatale archetypes traditionally reserved for representations of women.” - Jazmina Cininas “The Girlie Werewolf Project: Between the Wolf and the Dog” Catalogue, Impressions on Paper Gallery, 2006.


Fig 1:   Mica is half of everything, Jasmina Cininas 
Fig 2:   Waving to Meret I, Jasmina Cininas
Fig 3 : Waving to Meret II, Jazmina Cininas


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