Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tin Can Forest

      Fig 1 (above) Fig 2 (below) Baba Yaga and the Wolf 
   Fig 3 (below) Baba Yaga and the Wolf 
Tin Can Forest is the collaborative creativity of Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek, based in Toronto Ontario and Salt Spring Island BC.
Pat and Marek create sequential art, comics, film and books, their work is informed and inspired by the the forests of Canada, Slavic art, fairy tales and folklore. It is rich in pattern, detail and narrative.
The images above are littered with Red Riding Hood imagery. They are from a book called Baba Yaga and The Wolf where Tin Can Forest have molded and reworked at least two fairy tales into their own story.
“This is a story told to me by my great grandmother. She lived in a time when the wilderness was everywhere, vampires roamed the treetops, and devils traded opium and vodka for human souls by the roadside."
                                                                          Marek Colek,


Fig 1 Baba Yaga and the Wolf
Fig 2 Baba Yaga and the Wolf
Fig 3 Baba Yaga and the Wolf

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