Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hello Little Red

Fig1: (above) Howl 2012 by H Terry

As a result of working full time and indeed often more than full time, I often want to make art but I am exhausted and lacking in direction. A trick to help myself through this over the last few years is that I have worked on images in the theme of Little Red Riding Hood.
This subject seems to be a never ending source of inspiration for me and is why I have chosen Little Red Riding Hood as the theme of this project.
Through this blog I want to explore this subject further in it's historical and contemporary forms looking in text and illustration.
In my exploration of the contemporary illustrative interpretations I will, where possible, be inviting the artists and illustrators involved with this story to explain their relationship to it and their own interpretations of this tale.
I will also be producing more of my reactions to Little Red Riding Hood, inspired by my investigations.

Image Reference:
Fig 1: Howl by Hazel Terry 2012 http://hazelterry.com/portfolio/little-red 

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