Friday, 16 January 2015

Sophia Flores


   Fig 1,2,3 (above) extracts from Sophia Flores 'Meta Capercicita & el Lobo
"Little Red Riding Hood is an ambiguous being who can embody not only the figure of an innocent child, but also the wolf figure. "
"This multiplicity is defined as the axis of history, guiding at will. I understand this story as a structure that we all know by heart, and that even if we want change it we already know how it works. So I think we should move away from preconceived ways to motivate us to create our own stories! " Sophia Flores 
Sophia made this comic style illustration for Monos Con Pinsel's Little Red Riding Hood themed month.


Fig 1,2,3 Extracts from Sophia Flore'ss 'Meta Capercicita & el Lobo' 

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