Sunday, 4 January 2015

Alexey Kowalski

              Fig 1 (above): Rotkäppchen cover by Alexey Kowalski. Fig 2,3,4 (below) Rotkäppchen  by Alexey Kowalski.

Alexey Kowalski's interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood has Little Red as a Tibetan girl in traditional costume, the forester as a monk and the grandmother as a wrinkled Tibetan elder. One of the Tibetan demons or spirits (Tulpas) takes the role of the wolf and this is what inspired Alexey's take on this story. The 'fireworks of colour on the expressive realistic monochrome images are very startling and quite scarey as they are ambiguous, they add a tension and fear.


Fig: 1,2,3,4 Page illustrations from Rotkäppchen by Alexey Kowalski.   

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