Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Anouk De Groot

                       Fig1: Anouk De Groot, Who's Afraid of Little Red Riding Hood 
"This folklore illustration Little Red Riding Hood, (or Litle Red Cap) inspired by the famous folktale told by the Brothers Grimm, is drawn with colored pencil and ink and shows Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in grannie’s pyjama’s together in the woods. The wolf should be the scary one, but it is the coming of age young girl who is the scariest one in this picture." Anouk and the Pencils
Anouk De Groot is a Dutch artist currently based in London but her inspiration is gleaned from forests and wild places. Her imagery often draws on folklore and mythology. Anouk mainly works in lino cut printmaking and graphite.

"I entitled this illustration 'Who is afraid of Little Red Riding Hood' I pictured the wolf with his big claws and teeth in a dominating pose next to Red Riding Hood, who appears lovely, small and harmless. Though when we look a bit closer a second time, the expression in her young face is quite intense and even a bit intimidating. 
In my opinion the original story of Little Red Riding Hood is about the coming of age of young girls, the transition from innocence to adulthood. In my here illustration of the wolf and the girl I wanted to give great power to the little girl and portray the wolf as a bit of a goofy, harmless character, for  it is in fact the girl in this ancient story who gains her own glorious power and knowledge."              Anouk De Groot 


Fig 1: Anouk De Groot, 'Who's Afraid of Little Red Riding Hood?'


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