Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Kveta Pacovska

                Fig 1,2,3,4 (above) Grimm's  Rotkäppchen, Illustrated by Kveta Pacovska

Grimm's  Rotkäppchen, illustrated by Czechoslovakian illustrator and graphic designer Kveta Pacovska is a very unique vision of Little Red. The illustrations have almost a shredded quality like they have been shaken and torn to pieces by the wolf. But there is also great graphic strength in the pictures.
              Fig 5 (below) Grimm's  Rotkäppchen, Illustrated by Kveta Pacovska

                                                 Fig 6 (Above) Kveta Pacovska

"White and black are not included in the colour spectrum but for methey are colours and mean maximum contrast. And maximum contrast isthe maximum beauty. I am striving for maximum contrast. Red and green.The placing of colours one over the other. It depends on the relation,proportion, rhythm, size, amount and how we placed colours together.It is like music. Each individual tone is beautiful by itself and incertain groupings we create new dimensions, harmony, disharmony,symphonies, operas and books for children."  Kveta Pacovska 


Fig 1,2,3,4,5 Grimm's  Rotkäppchen, Illustrated by Kveta Pacovska. Neugebauer, Michael Edit. Berlin2007 
Fig 6: Kveta Pacovska

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