Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Gelli and Liberté

                           Fig 1(above): Liberté by Hazel Terry
I am still playing and exploring with mono prints and gelli prints. I like the abstract uncontrollable nature of them mixed with finer more controlled details.

    Fig 1(above): Liberté (detail) by Hazel Terry
I glimpsed one of the discarded versions of 'Little Red Say's No!' the wrong way up and thought ahhh! Although still in the wolf's jaws this 'Little Red' is much more powerful, and I have called it Liberté.


Fig 1: Liberté by Hazel Terry
Fig 2 Detail of Liberté by Hazel Terry



  1. It's powerful, lots of suggestion and symbolism wrapped up in this image. I love the contrast of the printing and the painting.

  2. Thank you Rob, I like her calm strong expression in the grip of the jaws.

  3. Hi Hazel, I love this image! I'm also a Hazel! I'm doing some research in to creating a new show for Families called RED based on Little Red Riding Hood. We are exploring the themes of sex, consent, self respect and power for 5 year olds and their grown ups! We've been given some funding to do a little research and we are putting out a casting. Your kick ass image of RED captures what we are looking for from an actor! Do you mind if we run the image with our casting. Will of course credit you and pay for its use?!

    1. Hello can you email me so that I can respond. Thank you hazelterry@hotmail.com