Sunday, 25 January 2015

Nicholas Stevenson

        Fig 1 (above) Nicholas Stevenson, Sketchbook

Nicholas Stevenson's sketch is very strange, it reminded me of a gaggle of Red Riding Hoods carrying a wolf through the forest which is why I have included it here. The 'dead' tree is very wolf like to with its open mouth at the front, running stance back legs and tail aloft. 
Often I have miss read images and that has inspired other ideas for pictures.

On closer inspection though the dea tree is covered in frogs or babies and it seems that they are red coated soldiers carrying the tree. 
"This piece was inspired by a dream I had, about a regiment of soldiers in red coats, who dig up a tree from an icy pond in a forest, but it's covered in little sleeping creatures frozen to it. They carry the tree to a lake, where the creatures unthaw and swim off in to water out of sight." Nicholas Stevenson 

Fig 1 Nicholas Stevenson, Sketchbook

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