Monday, 10 November 2014

Who eats who?

"I had fun with this illustration, the idea for which sprang from a TV program 'The Great British Bake off'.
I wanted the wolf and Red Riding Hood to both be eating effigy's of each other, and I wanted them to be friends. I really enjoyed choosing the liberty print aprons.
As usual this illustration is A1 sized, I struggle when making small illustrations, I find it too constricting."
  Hazel Terry

In Little Red Riding Hood the wolf eats the grandmother. But in some versions the wolf eats some of grandma and puts the meat and blood in the larder, tricking Little Red Riding Hood  into cannibalism.
The hungry wolf is also known to have eaten the grandma and her granddaughter . . .
far better that the wolf and little red eat biscuits.

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