Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Natascha Rosenberg

Natascha Rosenberg is a Spanish illustrator who until very recently was living in Berlin. This Red Riding Hood and wolf are lurking outside Tate Modern, London.
"I never liked the story of red riding Hood very much, even as a kid. I liked the wolf and it bothered me (and it bothers me) that it always appears as a dangerous animal and that it end up being killed 
The iconography associates the wolf as a threat to innocence and I never liked this.
For me, Little Red Riding Hood has to learn a lot from the wolf's wild side. You need to go out  into the woods! You come out of that walk in the woods transformed! 
However Red Riding Hood's attire has always seemed to me a superhero dress. How cool is a red hood?!!!! 
The illustration above is digitally made. The picture was taken in London, by the silver birch trees in front of the Tate Modern. I thought this was a good scene in which to place characters. When I saw the image on my computer I decided they should be Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.
So I drew the characters which later I scanned and digitally colored. I find it easier doing this as I can exactly match the colors with those in the photograph."     Natascha Rosenberg

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