Friday, 21 November 2014

Blanca Helga

                   Fig 1(above): Little Red Riding Hood by Blanca Helga 
"Little Red Riding Hood" was one of my favourite classic tales when I was a child.  I remember asking my mother or my sister to tell me the story, again and again, and imagining it vividly and with great pleasure.I also remember drawing scenes of it, and visualizing the story.Now, working as illustrator I enjoy creating different characters in cardboard and collage, I call them "Paper Friends". It was impossible to not include one cardboard version of "Little Red Riding Hood" just for me to enjoy." Blanca Helga
Blanca Helga is an illustrator from Madrid who works as an illustrator, film maker and creative.


Fig 1: Little Red Riding Hood by Blanca Helga.

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