Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Nelleke Verhoeff (Red Cheeks Factory)

Today we have two interpretations of Red Riding Hood by Nelleke Verhoeff a Dutch artist whose studio name is Red Cheeks Factory.
With the red in her studio name and often her palette, her work is perfectly suited to the story of Red Riding Hood.

                            Fig 1 (above): Face 75 Red Riding Hood by Nelleke Verhoeff
 "This (fig 1) is one of my favourite youth-photos: me as a very shy infant with big glasses dressed up as little red riding hood to walk in a dressed-up parade. I first made a rough sketch with a big marker, I scanned this sketch and painted the rest in photoshop." Nelleke Verhoeff
   Fig 2 (above): Little Red Riding Hood and the Seven Wolves by Nelleke Verhoeff
This (Fig 2) is 'Little Red Riding Hood and the seven wolves' it is a mixture of two fairy tales: The wolf and the seven goats and little Red Riding HoodThe technique is digital collage including scanned in hand painted textures."     Nelleke Verhoeff


Fig 1: 'Face 75' Red Riding Hood by Nelleke Verhoeff.
Fig 2: Little Red Riding Hood and the Seven Wolves by Nelleke Verhoeff.

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