Thursday, 6 November 2014

Paloma Valdivia

"The Red Riding Hood story has always been my favorite. I forget who told me first, I think it has always been with me. I do remember the first one I saw. It was in a beautiful wooden box, old and all illustrated. That box was full of old books from Europe, that wonderful and attractive box was forbidden because it was the box of stories from my Aunt Martha as a child. " Paloma Valdivia
Amanuta offered Paloma the chance to illustrate Riding Hood in 2011, The version of the story was written by Gabriela Mistral and was a fairly unknown text. However Paloma had been exposed to the texts of Gabriela Mistral by her favorite teacher Aunt Carmen, who had taught her the poems of Gabriela Mistral through rounds and songs.
Today when Paloma wants to remember a verse she just has to remember the melody and in singing these tunes she also teaches her son these precious songs and poems.
"It was very big challenge of illustrating Little Red Riding Hood written by Gabriela Mistral, there are hundreds of versions, but I think that emotional charge that this brought specifically for me, helped the result  . . . it was one of my favorites."    Paloma Valdivia

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