Sunday, 5 April 2015

Polly Noakes

Fig 1,2,3,4, (above) from Little Red Riding Hood by Polly Noakes 

Polly Noakes has just graduated from Anglia Ruskin MA Illustration course in Cambridge. I was lucky to meet her at the Bologna Children's Book Festival last week.
"This is a picture book project that I created for the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, from which I have just graduated.
It emerged from sketching the New Forest where I live. During my first semester on the MA I filled 7 sketchbooks recording life and landscapes of the New Forest and connected to a very different world than Cambridge.
I wanted to create an atmospheric picture book reflecting the textures, light, colours and characters that I had sketched between autumn and winter. The woodsman is based on local charcoal maker Dave, who allowed me to sketch him whilst he worked.

  Fig 5, 6 (above) picture of 'Dave' from polly's sketchbook
I have always wanted to illustrate this classic tale and I did so, not with any outcome in mind, other than indulge my own creativity." Polly Noakes


  1. It's funny as my illustrative world-on-line gets smaller. Polly is an online pal and a great illustrator and now you two have also met : )

  2. Yes, Mr Fishink a small world- it was serendipity meeting Hazel on the Cambridge Art School Stand and so natural to invite her to dinner with my friends. Just a lovely meeting.